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What To Do If You Suspect (Financial) Elder Abuse

A 30-second read by the Baron Team: As Financial Advisors, it is our responsibility to protect all of our clients from financial abuse, if possible, but it is the senior client that may be the most susceptible and needs our protection. Unfortunately, they may become victims of financial abuse at the hands of their caregivers or family members. Often, abusers isolate their victims from loved ones or professionals in order to hide their fraudulent activity. If you have a client or know someone that you suspect is a victim of abuse (of any kind), Aginginvestor.com provided these “Three things to do if you think your client is being isolated from others”:

Baron Team Insights
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The Importance of a "Trusted Contact"

A 30-second read by the Baron Team: Increasingly, we understand that there can be a need to have an additional person like a trusted family member or friend we can contact to ensure the well-being of a client. As we age, we may start to see that a person’s mindfulness and mental capacity diminishes. For some, early-onset dementia or other illness necessitates having a trusted contact in place at an earlier age. In those instances, who can you trust to be contacted on your behalf, if necessary?