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Chance You Will See Your Financial Blind Spot

It is easy to see blind spots in others, but incredibly difficult to see them in ourselves – that is why it is called a blind spot. It is near impossible to be objective when it comes to our personal circumstances. That’s why we engage trained professionals – to look at all angles. We may go see a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor to help us be aware of what we do not see, teach us what we do not know, and improve our perspectives – so we can ultimately make better decisions. For your financial well-being, we suggest the following:

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NJ ANCHOR Benefit Program Renewed for Second Year

The “Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters” program (ANCHOR) has been renewed for the second year. This year’s program provides property tax relief to NJ residents who either owned or rented their main residence on October 1, 2020 and met the income limits (Your 2020 NJ gross income was not more than $250,000 for homeowners, and $150,000 for tenants). Some important information to take note of:

Financial Planning Taxes

BFG in the News: Victor answers a reader’s question about contributing to a Roth

Victor Cannillo, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, is quoted on this topic, answering a reader’s question on NJMoneyHelp.com by Karin Price Mueller, “I’m 69. How long can I contribute to a Roth?”, originally published on June 27, 2023. For 2023, the total contribution limit is $6,500 per year; $7,500 if you’re over 50. You can contribute to your Roth IRA in perpetuity as long as you’re still…

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When it comes to food or investing, we eat our own cooking!

Some traditions live on. Growing up in a first-generation Italian household, Victor Cannillo, of Baron Financial Group, learned how to make fresh mozzarella - a tradition going back 100 years, beginning with his grandfather. In this short video, Victor keeps the tradition alive, demonstrating how to make mozzarella with his family. Although Victor has some serious mozz-making skills, he is also a Financial Advisor, helping clients with investing and financial planning for over 25 years. As an advisor, Victor likes to say, “we eat our own cooking”, meaning Baron Financial Group invests their own money in the same way they do their clients – in a globally-diversified, and risk-appropriate strategy.

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Baron Financial Group Supports Special Needs Community

Baron Financial Group is committed to helping families with special needs plan for their future through the fiduciary services we provide. In addition, we are proud of the philanthropy we dedicate to organizations like Spectrum for Living (see more about Spectrum below). Baron’s founding partner, Victor Cannillo’s relationship with a special needs family member made him aware of the many challenges associated with those with developmental disabilities. It led him to...

Financial Planning Philanthropy Baron Team

Continuing Our Tradition: BFG Scholarship in its 13th Consecutive Year

This year we are pleased to award a Baron Financial Group scholarship to two deserving graduates from the Fair Lawn High School Class of 2023 who are continuing their education in a business program – Stephen Toth and Mia Marchan. Continuing our commitment to education and to supporting our future business leaders, Baron Financial Group is honored to help these deserving students further their education.


Baron Financial Answers Video: How do I create an income stream in retirement?

Baron Financial Team Answers Questions About “Your Personal Economy”. Presented by Victor Cannillo, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor. Today’s video answers the question, how do I create an income stream in retirement? We are going to cover three common income resources that may be available to you in retirement. View or listen to our video to learn more.

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Disciplined Perspectives and Your Personal Economy: The Eventual Recession

Since early last year economists, market experts, and even corporate CEOs were predicting a recession for this year. Most of them said it would happen early in the year. A recession was the consensus view among experts, almost a foregone conclusion. With inflation surging to 9% last summer and the Fed aggressively raising interest rates, it was an easy story to sell…and believe. Fast forward to the present.

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