Baron Financial Group Fiduciary Services for Organizations

organizatonsOrganizations require investment advisors who are especially conscientious and familiar with their unique environment.  We understand the importance of principle-driven investment decisions and we work to fully understand and partner with your organization.

Prudent person standard

Investment management function should be subject to a “prudent person standard” such that the investment of assets is undertaken with care, the skill of an expert, prudence and due diligence.

A fiduciary duty requires the investment manager act in the best interest of plan members and beneficiaries in matters regarding the investment of assets.

Investment Policy Statement

The investment policy should establish clear investment objectives. The approach for achieving those objectives should satisfy the prudent person standard, taking into account the need for proper diversification and risk management, the maturity of the obligations and the liquidity needs of the organization, and any specific legal limitations on portfolio allocation.

Risk Management

A sound risk management process that measures and seeks to appropriately control portfolio risk and to manage the assets and liabilities in a coherent and integrated manner, along with a review process, should be established.

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