Our wealth management planning process provides confidence that you are prepared to be successful in retirement

Wealth Management ServicesComprehensive planning done by an independent financial expert is based on a long-term, ongoing relationship focused on managing all areas of your financial life.  For many people, having a financial plan helps them to feel more confident about their financial future.  The financial needs of each client drive all of our discussions and recommendations.

Our investment philosophy is to provide stable wealth growth within the constraints of your tolerance for risk to achieve your financial goals.  We monitor the investments, so we can make adjustments as necessary.

The content of your asset management plan is developed in conjunction with your financial plan.

1)  First we understand your financial goals and time frame

We will meet with you to understand your financial goals, and your time horizon to meet those goals.  We discuss your goals, concerns and dreams to develop a clear vision of your financial future.  Within this context we also learn about any special circumstances.

  • What is your spending plan?
  • What are some of your financial milestones like college tuition payments, retirement or exotic vacation plans?  Are they achievable?
  • What are the risks to your achieving your goals and what is the best way to protect yourself and your family?
  • Do you have a special cause to which you want to allocate contributions?
  • Is there an elderly family member or a person with special needs for whom you may be responsible?
  • Do you have to report your financial progress to others like a board of directors?

2)  Next we identify your financial resources and any financial risks

  • We review important documents like bank statements, tax returns, and retirement plans.
  • We evaluate your risk tolerance, risk capacity and determine the appropriate level of risk that you can take.

3)  We study this information to evaluate your options

Baron will help you to understand your financial big picture, how the different components relate to each other and the pros and cons of various options.  This is where you understand the pros and cons behind your financial questions such as:

  • When should you retire?  What if you decide to retire later or earlier, how will that impact your success?
  • When should you start taking Social Security?
  • How do you position your assets to guard against risk, and also to grow enough to meet your needs?
  • Should you purchase Long-term Care insurance?

4)  Then we recommend a strategy for your approval

Baron Financial will determine the best way to approach your personal financial plan.  We will present the plan to you, reviewing the logic behind the recommendations and answering all questions and concerns.  The plan is the combination of two components.

Asset Management:

  • We prepare this strategy in the form of an Investment Policy Statement (the Investment Plan), which will position you to protect your assets and then grow them. This investment strategy is based upon empirically proven and Nobel Prize winning portfolio management principles.   Learn more about how we prepare your investment plan.
  • We provide an investment plan that includes a well diversified set of assets to reduce the risk of loss of your assets while positioning you to take advantage of advances in their value.
  • We include all your relevant investment resources like brokerage accounts, retirement vehicles (401k, 403b, IRA), bank accounts, 529 Plans for college funding, annuities, and insurance products.

Financial Planning:

The financial planning component is uniquely tailored to your needs. We develop specific plans for each area of your financial life and, even more important, we assist with the implementation of the plans. Again, since we are not compensated by your choice of products or services, our recommendations are 100% objective.

When you meet with other financial professionals, such as an estate attorney, we sit on the same side of the table as you, helping to ask questions relevant to your specific situation, as you choose your solutions.

The plans are intended to meet two objectives:

1)  Set you on the path to achieve your goals:

  • Retirement planning is usually a top goal for most people – we provide the analysis to give you the confidence that this goal can be achieved.
  • Various goal planning needs for college, new home, new car, selling a business, weddings, require effort and know-how, which we provide.

2)  Protect you from any risks that might prevent you from achieving your goals:

  • What type of life insurance would best protect your family?
  • Is long-term care insurance the right answer for you?
  • Do you have the best policies for your house, car and other property that you want to protect?
  • Estate planning goals require coordination between your concerns and risks. We work as a team with an attorney to protect your assets from ending up in the wrong hands and ensuring that end of life issues are addressed.

5)  We implement and manage the plan you have approved

Baron Financial will work with you to help you to move forward on your plan with specific financial solutions to help you to meet your needs.  The Baron Advantage results from doing this as your partner, in an objective manner where there are no conflicts of interest.  We apply our years of training and experience to each situation, making decisions based on merit and not on emotion.  Studies have shown that the average investor stays too long with an under-performing investment.

6) We monitor and adjust your portfolios and our recommendations

Baron Financial will meet with you periodically to track your progress, revisit your goals and make adjustments as necessary.  Typical checkpoint include quarterly reviews, six-month reviews and year-end reviews.  You will determine how often you would like to meet.

The planning process doesn’t end here.  Baron Financial will continue to help you work toward your financial goals throughout our partnership.  As things change within your life (like getting a new job, moving, purchasing a new home, or having a child) Baron Financial will be there as your trusted advisor, helping you to plan for that new life event.

  • Regularly we review the progress of your investment portfolio toward meeting the established goals.
  • Periodically we review your financial planning goals with you to identify changes.
  • We revise your investment management plan to reflect these changes.
  • Then we return to step 3 to implement and manage the revised plan.

Increase your confidence about your financial situation and feel more prepared for whatever the future holds.

You would like to be CERTAIN that you will have enough money to reach your goals!  Unfortunately, because future returns and other variables are unpredictable, you can never be certain.  But you can be CONFIDENT.

Baron will stress test your plan using simulations of one thousand return sequences.  Each trial represents one possible outcome for your plan.  We will determine the probability of you being successful with each scenario that we recommend.  The process provides confidence in your choices and in your future.

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