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Helpful Tips to Avoid COVID-19-Related Scams Thumbnail

Helpful Tips to Avoid COVID-19-Related Scams

Baron Team Insights

A 30-second read by the Baron Team:  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides some useful tips to avoid Coronavirus-related scams, including testing and vaccine scams:

  • Testing Scams
    • Know the difference between a real contract tracer and a scammer: Legitimate tracers only need health information, not money or other financial information.
    • Be wary of test kits: Many test kits that you see advertised are not FDA-approved and therefore may not be accurate.
  • Vaccine Scams
    • To avoid a scam, know that no one will contact you about your vaccine and request personally identifiable information (PII) or money.
  • Emails from the CDC or WHO:
    • Watch out for emails claiming to be from CDC or WHO. For information, go to websites such as coronavirus.gov and usa.gov/coronavirus.
  • Additional resources from the FTC:

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