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BFG in the News: Victor answers a reader’s question about contributing to a Roth

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Victor Cannillo, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, is quoted on this topic, answering a reader’s question on NJMoneyHelp.com by Karin Price Mueller, “I’m 69.  How long can I contribute to a Roth?”, originally published on June 27, 2023.  

 A 30-second read by Victor Cannillo:  For 2023, the total contribution limit is $6,500 per year; $7,500 if you’re over 50. You can contribute to your Roth IRA in perpetuity as long as you’re still earning income. 

Social Security does not count as earned income.  The IRS describes earned income as “the taxable income and wages you get from working for someone else, yourself or from a business or farm you own.” Therefore, you would need to keep working to continue contributing. 

Read Karin Price Mueller’s article here. 

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