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2020 Financial Checklist Thumbnail

2020 Financial Checklist

Investing Financial Planning Taxes Social Security Insurance

Start the new decade with a fresh look at your financials.

Here is a checklist to get you started:

You can download the checklist here - 2020 Financial Checklist.pdf

Things to review:

☐    Life Insurance Needs

☐    Car Insurance Quotes

☐    Homeowner’s Insurance

☐    Annual Credit Report

☐    2019 Spending Summary

What to plan for:

☐    SECURE ACT retirement and tax changes

☐    Income strategy for retirement

☐    Major expenses 

☐    Managing capital gains taxes

Questions to ask:

☐    Does my portfolio need to be rebalanced? 

☐    Do I have any sustainable investments?

☐    How much risk am I taking?

☐    What are my different Social Security options?

Make sure to update:

☐    Beneficiaries on life insurance policies

☐    Beneficiaries on IRAs and 401(k)s

☐    Digital Estate Plan

☐    Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Please contact the Baron Financial Group Team for help in taking a fresh look at your financials for 2020.