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When it comes to food or investing, we eat our own cooking!

Investing Baron Team Videos

Some traditions live on.  Growing up in a first-generation Italian household, Victor Cannillo, of Baron Financial Group, learned how to make fresh mozzarella from his father and his uncles - a tradition going back 100 years, beginning with his grandfather, who owned a farm in Italy. In this short video, Victor keeps the tradition alive, demonstrating how to make mozzarella with his family.  Watch Victoria Cannillo’s video of Victor making fresh mozzarella:

Although Victor has some serious mozz-making skills, he is also a Financial Advisor, helping clients with investing and financial planning for over 25 years.  As an advisor, Victor likes to say, “we eat our own cooking”, meaning Baron Financial Group invests their own money in the same way they do their clients – in a globally-diversified, and risk-appropriate strategy.

As a fiduciary advisor, Victor strongly believes in education – whether it’s teaching the younger generation to make mozzarella, or communicating to clients what we do with their money and why.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.
And if you want to learn how to make mozzarella, you can ask him that too!  

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