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Baron Financial Group’s Top Ten Wishes for You this Holiday Season

Baron Team

We wish you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with joy and happiness!

Here are our perennial top 10 wishes for you:

  1. May your investment portfolio be diversified and risk-appropriate
  2. May your estate documents be current and relevant to your wishes
  3. May your tax strategy be optimal for you
  4. May your Social Security payments increase
  5. May you take advantage of any tax-free retirement savings
  6. May your RMDs allow you to do something fun
  7. May your confidence zone for retirement remain in a high probability of success zone
  8. May you enjoy the fruits of your labor
  9. May you be able to help those less fortunate
  10. May you have good health and be surrounded by your family and friends

Happy Holidays and all our Best Wishes for the New Year!

The Baron Financial Group Team