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BFG In the News: Nick Answers Readers’ Questions on Contributing to an IRA Under the New SECURE Act Rules Thumbnail

BFG In the News: Nick Answers Readers’ Questions on Contributing to an IRA Under the New SECURE Act Rules

Taxes Retirement Planning Baron Team

Nicholas Scheibner is quoted on this topic in an article in NJMoneyHelp.com by Karin Price Mueller, originally published on January 30, 2020.

A 30-second read by Nicholas Scheibner, CFP®:  The SECURE Act changes the rules for workers who are over age 70 ½.  If you have earned income, you can contribute to your IRA at any age. 

For 2019 tax purposes, unfortunately, you will not be able to make a deductible contribution if you are over age 70 ½.  The old rule still applies.  However, you can start making contributions starting in 2020.  If you would like to make a contribution, you will still need earned income for that year.

Make sure you are also not falling into a “double dip” if you are using your IRA to make Qualified Charitable Distributions while also contributing to your IRA.  A QCD allows a 70 ½- year-old IRA owner to distribute funds from their IRA directly to charity tax-free.  

With the SECURE Act, QCDs may be reduced by the total IRA contributions after age 70 ½.  This was a feature of the law that attempts to stop people age 70 ½ or older to make both a deductible IRA contribution and benefit fully from a QCD in the same year.  

As always, any financial decision should be made with your full financial picture in mind.  Consult your financial advisor or tax professional before making any contributions.

For more information on the SECURE Act changes, read our Dec. 30, 2019 blog post.  For any questions, please contact your Baron Team.

Read Karin Price Mueller’s article here.

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