Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist

As you prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Florence, we thought this Red Cross checklist would be a helpful resource. If you click on the picture below it will bring you to a larger view.

With your safety in mind,
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BFG’s Nicholas Scheibner Quoted in The New York Times

“5 Steps to Take if the Bull Market Run Has You Thinking of Unloading Stocks”, an article written by Tara Siegel Bernard in the Aug. 22, 2018 edition of The New York Times, discusses the extended bull market that we are currently experiencing and what, if anything, we should do differently with our investments.  According to Baron Financial Group’s, Nicholas Scheibner, CFP®,

Many people feel that they only have two options: Invest or not invest,” said Nicholas Scheibner, a financial planner with Baron Financial Group. “However, you have a third option — adjust.”

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Please reach out to the Baron Team for a second opinion on your portfolio.

The Importance of a “Trusted Contact”

A 30-second read by the Baron Team:  Increasingly, we understand that there can be a need to have an additional person like a trusted family member or friend we can contact to ensure the well-being of a client.  As we age, we may start to see that a person’s mindfulness and mental capacity diminishes.  For some, early-onset dementia or other illness necessitates having a trusted contact in place at an earlier age.  In those instances, who can you trust to be contacted on your behalf, if necessary? 

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Do You Have a Will? 3 Basic Estate Planning Documents You Should Have

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published January 16, 2017. The information is still current as of this date.

A 60-second read by Victor Cannillo:  If you haven’t completed your estate planning documents yet, consider making it a priority. Having your estate planning documents in place can help to prevent issues down the road and ensures that your specific wants and wishes will be carried out. For example, did you know that technically, everyone has a will? The question is do you have a personalized will or the standard state version?

Here are the 3 most basic estate documents you should have:

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