Additional Financial Education Offerings for Women

Logo for Financially Empowering WomenWe believe women should be claiming their financial power.  It is about YOU claiming your financial power.  You are in charge.  You control your destiny and you make financial decisions based upon what is best for you.  No excuses – you can do it and by taking claim of your financial life you will have the resources to achieve your goals.  Claiming financial power is not about hoarding money.  It is about understanding how money works and using it to help you live your life, on your terms.

Committed to educating women on how to become financially empowered, Baron Financial Group offers the following educational resources, geared especially for women:

  • Podcast series: an educational discussion on a variety of pertinent financial topics.  Read more about and listen to each episode here
  • ABC News Columns: a series of financial articles that originally appeared  on the ABC News website business page.  These news columns are written specifically to address the financial needs and concerns of the female reader.
  • Wine & Wealth:  a series of educational presentations, combining an interesting topic with wine and hors d ‘Oeuvres, in an informal setting.

Some women say that they don’t care about money.  It is just not that important to them.  They have much more inspiring values.  They care about your family, your faith, your friends, the planet, people in need throughout the world.  Could money help them to provide for these values?

You might say that you don’t care about money.  You care about equality.  You want to be respected and to elevate your status in society.  You don’t like feeling dependent or vulnerable. You want to be able to make your own choices.  Could money help create independence?

Money is not the secret to happiness, but by learning how to use it to your advantage, it can help you leverage your dreams.  It can help elevate your personal status.  It can provide independence and it can be channeled to make a difference in the world.  Money does not provide happiness, but it does provide power.

One of the limitations of the financial industry is that it is predominantly run by men.  This is further aggravated by the fact that many women remain passive over finances, allowing men to control this important resource. Inevitably, the finance industry is primarily comprised of men advising men.  Men tend to approach life issues differently than women. 

The traditional approach has tended to create competitive sales techniques that don’t always put the customer’s best interest in the forefront.  The traditional approach often focuses on risky investing strategies that gamble for the big win instead of employing responsible investing strategies focused on personal goals. The traditional approach tends to assume that women will not understand and so they don’t bother to explain.  This approach unintentionally intimidates positive discussion and understanding. 

Women were taught that relationships and responsibility to others are more important than responsibility toward themselves.  At times women have allowed others to think, talk and act on their behalf, rather than solving their own problems and taking control of their own lives. You, as a woman, are determined to have a voice and to make responsible financial decisions.  We are resolved to provide responsible financial education through a fiduciary and ethical relationship.  Together we can combine forces to understand the truth about managing money.  We can do it!  You can do it!  Claim your female financial power today!

Women's Choice AwardBaron Financial is proud to be a recipient of the Women’s Choice Award® for Financial Advisors since 2013.  This is a premier recognition award for advisors who provide quality service to their female clients.  The award is based on rigorous research and evaluation applying 17 objective criteria. Click here for a list of their selection criteria and research methodology.

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