Frequently Asked Questions:

 What makes Baron Financial different from other financial advisory or brokerage firms?

Unlike other financial advisors, we are unencumbered by ties to specific products or institutional requirements. Our investment recommendations are fair, objective and focused exclusively on meeting the objectives of those we serve.

We provide many services no other type of advisor will provide, including detailed financial planning. We are your advocate and as such seek to help you in many different ways. This includes reviewing employment contracts, analyzing a prospective employer's benefits, helping you negotiate and obtain mortgages and other financing,  devising a strategy to exercise stock options, and helping with home purchase decisions, car financing decisions, etc.

The combination of fiduciary responsibility and independence sets us apart from other financial advisors. It gives you confidence that you have made the best choice in selecting Baron Financial for your Wealth Management. As a firm we are devoted to earning your trust and providing a high level of satisfaction.

We strongly believe that satisfying your needs and providing unmatched service is the foundation of our success.

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When I sign up for Baron Financial’s Financial Planning services what will occur?

1. Profile. We recognize that every investor's situation is different and requires a recommendation based upon their own unique circumstances. The first step of the process is an in-depth financial profile. This profile will include an assessment of your tolerance for risk and an analysis of your goals.

2. Allocate. Based upon your individualized profile, we make a specific asset allocation recommendation. Our allocations are devised to maximize stability for a given level of return.

3. Implement. We make specific investment recommendations for each asset class. We screen from the entire universe of thousands of institutional money managers, to find the very best professional managers for each asset class type.

4. Monitor. This is probably the most important part of the process. You will receive an in-depth quarterly report which details the performance of your account since inception. In addition, we closely monitor the individual performance of the asset managers. We will recommend a management change if required for any reason.

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What are some of the benefits of your investment management?

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What are your fees for investment management?

Our fees vary by the size of your portfolio and will be thoroughly reviewed during our first meeting with you, which does not obligate you to become a client.  At this meeting, we will also discuss your and our obligations to assure that our High Stability Wealth Management concept is properly established.  When you become a BFG client, you will never be under any obligation to remain a client for any period of time.

At this meeting, we will be happy to provide you with whatever further information you may need and answer any questions you may have. 

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