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ABC News Columns:  Financially Empowering Women™ by Laura Mattia


Articles of Interest

  1. Lofty Goals, Limited Means -- Finding Ways to Boost Your Investments
  2. Midlife Investing -- Make the Most of Your Asset-Building Years
  3. Plan Ahead for the Holiday Budget Crunch
  4. Make Philanthropy an Important Part of Your Estate Plan
  5. Aggressive Growth for Aggressive Goals
  6. Working with a Financial Professional
  7. The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance
  8. Financial Planning for Same Sex Couples
  9. Boomers View Retirement as a Time of Reinvention -- and Much Uncertainty
  10. Tactical Asset Allocation: Fine Tuning a Longer-Term Strategy
  11. Working Past Your Normal Retirement Age
  12. Understanding Correlation
  13. Sector Funds: Are They Worth a Look?
  14. Marriage and Money: Finding a Happy Balance
  15. High-Yield Bonds: Income Potential at a Price
  16. Why Diversification Matters
  17. Stretch IRA: A Handy Estate-Planning Tool
  18. Weaving Spiders and Other Exchange-Traded Funds Into Your Investment Net
  19. Three Steps to Help Reduce Debt
  20. Tips for Finding Bargain Stocks
  21. Does Your Portfolio Reflect Your Risk Tolerance?
  22. Expand Your Investment Horizon With Foreign Bonds
  23. Understanding Mutual Fund Categories
  24. Get Ready for Your Year-End Review
  25. Life Insurance -- Can You Afford Not to Have Enough?
  26. How Can I Reduce My Credit Card Debt?
  27. How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?

Baron Financial Web Casts

  1. "Estate Planning is for Everyone," on the Equity Trust Professional Network
  2. "Fraud: you may be a target ... You Don't Have to be a Victim"
  3. "It's a New Year.  Now What?  Get Your Finances in Order"


Interviews with Baron Financial Advisors

  1. "Financial Planning," with Judith West on "Getting Your Money's Worth", July 12, 2009
  2. "Picking a Financial Advisor" with Eric Landskroner on the News 12 New Jersey's "It's Your Money" series
  3. "529 Plans for College" with Tom Layson on the News 12 New Jersey's "It's Your Money" series
  4. "Fee-only Financial Advisors" with Tom Layson on the News 12 New Jersey's "It's Your Money" series
  5. "Comparing Financial Advisors with Stock Brokers" with Tom Layson on the News 12 New Jersey's "It's Your Money" series
  6. "Comparing Managed Portfolios with Index Funds" with Tom Layson on the News 12 New Jersey's "It's Your Money" series

Print articles with Baron Financial Advisors

  1. "Financial Fitness," an article with Laura Mattia and Kristen Totaro, the Area Director of Mountain Lakes Living magazine.
  2. "A Firm Belief in Fee-Only Financial Planning," with Joan Verdon, The Record, May 16, 2010
  3. "Money Matters (a Special Report):  Family Monday," with James Shagawatt, The Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2008

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