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Medicare & Retirement Planning Webinar

Baron Financial Group’s Investment Committee provides an educational webinar on financial planning and investment management.  Medicare Consultant and guest presenter Mary Jean Cullen (MedicareAssist, LLC) discusses how Medicare works.  It is important to keep in mind that annual enrollment is open now through December 7th.

This presentation was first held at the September 13, 2016 Wine & Wealth event for our clients.

The webinar includes the following topics:

  • Beware of Market Doomsayers (0:00 -7:28) – Victor Cannillo
  • Asset Allocation and Diversification (7:30-15:53)   – Anthony Benante
  • Customized Financial Planning  (15:56-19:12) –  Nicholas Scheibner
  • What Role Does Life Expectancy Play in Retirement Planning? (19:13-23:15) – James Shagawat
  • Choosing A Medicare Plan: Learn What You Need To Know Prior and During Your Medicare Years    (23:30-51:44)  – Mary Jeanne Cullen

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Baron Financial Group team.

NJ Tax Payers: Make Sure You Always Claim Your Medical Expenses

A 30-second read by Nicholas Scheibner:  New Jersey is certainly not known as a “tax-friendly” state.  However, the garden state has a much lower threshold on Medical Expense deductions than the federal government. New Jersey allows certain non-reimbursed Medical Expenses to be deducted after they exceed only 2% of your gross income. 

A few examples of things you should make sure you keep track of throughout the year:

  • Medicare Insurance Premiums
  • Dental Insurance Premiums
  • Doctor Co-pays
  • Out-of-pocket Prescription Costs
  • Eyeglasses and vision exams

This is commonly overlooked  by taxpayer’s who do not itemize their deductions.  However, if you make $60,000 gross income per year, 2%  is only $1,200.  For most people, their medical expenses will exceed that 2% as long as they keep track of all of them.

As always, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Baron Financial Group team.

Understand Medicare to Get the Most Out of It*

During their entire working lives, Americans pay into the Medicare system, yet many fail to understand the basics of how it works and how to use it.

Medicare is government-sponsored health insurance for Americans 65 and older. As with any insurance, the goal is to get the most out of it for the lowest cost. Medicare is a complex, often confusing system that involves choices that users must understand to configure the right coverage for their needs.

By the time you reach the Medicare eligibility age of 65, you may find that you need regular medical care for one or more conditions. This is particularly the case with the 23 million American women who are 65 or older. Women tend to have more chronic conditions than men and, because they live longer, their care lasts longer. Yet, because they earn less than men, women have fewer resources to pay it, so using Medicare advantageously is especially important for women.

Read the December 3, 2014 Financially Empowering Women(FEW) column to learn more.

You can go to the ABC News website or click the link below to read the entire article.

ABC News Column December 3, 2014

* Part of the Financially Empowering Women™ news columns


Novemeber 2014: Choosing a Medicare Plan that is Right For You

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It seems a good time to talk Medicare since we are in the middle of the 2015 Medicare Annual Enrollment period, which ends on December 7th. Continue reading Novemeber 2014: Choosing a Medicare Plan that is Right For You

March 2014: Avoiding High Health Care Costs – Part of Your Financial Plan

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Many of you have heard me say that when we plan for retirement, we should look at the things that we can control and put together our best plans to increase our probability of success. Continue reading March 2014: Avoiding High Health Care Costs – Part of Your Financial Plan